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Forget your plans: Come to The Royal Holloway Tab open meeting!

It’s fun. You should join us x

Have you read about the student who has been organising strobe free SU nights this term? Or what about the student hit by a car in front of George Elliot last term? Do you want to get involved with breaking the biggest stories on campus?

Now is your chance. Come along to The Tab Royal Holloway's open meeting tonight at 6pm in Imagine for a chilled chat about how to get you started on your first article.

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How does the most read student site in the UK actually work?

You, the student, submit an article. This could be about almost anything you think your mates would read. Your team's on campus editor helps guide you through writing it: we suggest ideas, help with writing techniques, and get your articles published to an audience of thousands of students.

We also get support from our journalists at HQ, who mentor thousands of writers all over the UK.

It's the fastest way to get your voice heard at Royal Holloway, not to mention a spicy gem for your CV.

If any of this has grabbed you then like our Facebook page and sign up to write here.

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See you all later!