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A film crew for an unknown TV series took over Royal Holloway Campus over the weekend

Rumour has it they were shooting a new American TV series

This weekend campus was once again turned into a film set.

On Friday night and throughout all of Saturday, multiple trucks from Pinewood Studios containing lightning equipment were parked behind the Windsor building.

Filming began in Founder's Square on Sunday. Various tents and a huge crew working on campus all day could be seen from the library.

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This is not the first time that the Royal Holloway campus has been used as a film set. The iconic Founder's building and the surrounding area have become popular filming locations in the past for movies and shows including Basic Instict 3, Downtown Abbey, and The Avengers.

As for this past weekend, it is yet unclear what exactly was being filmed on campus, but rumours on the Overheard at Royal Holloway Facebook page suggest that it might have been in relation to the latest productions of "Top Boy", others said that the set was used to shoot a new American series called "Devs".

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We can only wait to find out what was being filmed. Check out our Instagram for more