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These are all the weird people in your seminar and you’re definitely one of them

Big up the quiet ones

It's at the point in the semester where you're starting to get to know the people in your seminars, and they're a weird bunch. Every seminar is made up of at least a few of these people, but the real question is, which one are you?

The one who knows the answer to every question

By far the most annoying person in the seminar, this person always seems to know the answer to every question asked. They've somehow managed to do the reading at least three weeks in advance, and have read enough around the topic to convince themselves that they are now an expert.

Week after week they find a way to disagree with everybody (even the seminar leader) referring to all the extra research that they have done, and making it seem as though everybody else in the seminar is about five weeks behind.

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Nobody likes a show off

The silent one

You aren't even sure if this person has a voice, because you've never heard them say anything. They sit quietly in the seminar, refusing to say anything and quickly leaving as soon as it is over. They will probably get the best essay mark as they've sat and absorbed all your knowledge for twelve weeks. It's always the quiet ones.

The group of girls

They say there's safety in numbers and these girls were sticking to this when they all picked the same modules as each other.

Always louder than everyone else in the room, this group doesn't seem to know what whispering is. Whether you want to listen to them, or not, they are impossible to drown out, as they continue to chat on, oblivious to the fact that nobody wants to hear them.

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Why do they think we care about their love life?

The one that's always late

This person claims that their last seminar ran over, or that they had to come from the other side of campus, but everyone knows that they've only just woken up. Whether they have pressed snooze four times on their alarm, or just can't be bothered, they leave for the seminar two minutes before it’s about to start, hoping this will be the week that it starts late.

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The hungover one

This person is the epitome of the 'struggle is real' as they drag themselves in to their 9am after a night at the SU.

Somehow they managed to make it to the seminar only a few minutes late, often in a hoodie or last nights clothes. They have no intention of contributing, just making it to the seminar was too much effort, and all their focus needs to be placed on not throwing up. They leave vowing never to be hungover in the seminar again, but everyone knows they will turn up in the exact same state next week.

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The struggle is so real

The halfway-through-term one

You won't have seen this person yet, as they only turn up around week six of the term. When you think you are finally getting used to the faces of the people in your seminar, someone new will turn up, leaving the rest of the group questioning if this person is even in the right room.

Often arriving when an assessment is due, this person will suddenly appear from the shadows, providing a new addition to the group. But don't get used to them, as they will disappear once again, only to return again at the end of term.

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Literally a ghost

The one that speaks a lot but says nothing

Unlike the one who knows the answer to every question, this person doesn't seem to have a clue.

They like the sound of their voice a little too much. Trying to sound smart, they ramble on; somehow speaking a lot, but actually saying nothing. Taking the discussion on a tangent, they continue to try and make their point, whilst the rest of the seminar group are left trying to figure out what they are going on about.

The argument starter

This person always manages to find something controversial to say, leaving half the class speechless and the other half riled up. You never know whether they want to start an argument or are just completely clueless, but week after week they somehow manage to bring up a controversial topic.