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These are the most annoying people you’ll encounter when you go to the gym

Do you really need to take a selfie though?

You would think that going to the gym would just involve you and your workout, but oh how you are wrong. Here is a list of all the people that will annoy you at the gym.

The 'let me help you' person

It will be a guy with a giant water bottle, a wife beater that says "keep calm I am buff" and a protein shake, or a girl with a passive aggressive facial expression holding an unnecessary amount of electronics. They will walk up to you and go "let me show you how to use this machine. I'm kind of an expert".

You would rather injure yourself on the machine than take advice you didn't ask for, but you feel rude saying that so you politely listen.

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The uncomfortable look on my face screams 'I don't need help'

The machine peeper

There's always that one person next to you on the treadmill that gets unnecessarily competitive, and starts judging your speed on your machine.

At first you catch a couple of glances, but eventually they'll be staring at your machine data and looking back at their own, as though their greatness was directly determined by a comparison of your machine speed and theirs.

The guy who's trying way too hard

He's taking loud long breaths and drinking ridiculous amounts of water, seemingly deliberately spilling it on himself so that it looks like sweat, and it looks like he has had a long, hard workout. You're pretty sure you saw him come in when you did, five minutes ago though, so you're not buying the act.

The one that takes up a machine for a really long time but doesn't actually work out

You see them on their phone; they might even have the audacity to make a phone call! They're doing anything but actually using the machine they are occupying. Texting doesn't count as a workout.

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The one that occupies several machines

They have small towels and several water bottle strategically placed in several machines so that no one takes them, even though you're pretty sure a person can't physically be on two machines at once.

The no-headphones one

There is already a lot of noise at the gym and we certainly don't need more!

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Who even likes the gym's music?

Lastly, the selfie-taker

This person will spend a lot of time in front of the mirror and a lot of time taking pictures in different poses. You might never actually see this person workout, but they will most likely have weight by their feet for the picture and a colorful water bottle. Wait for the generic 'gym selfie' insta post later.

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You don't even look good. Why do this to yourself?

If you don't know one of these people, then sorry, but you are one.