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The Freshers Guide to Halls

Here’s the lowdown on your home for the next year

You've just got your results and confirmed your offer, and soon you will be finding out what halls you've been allocated. The uni website offers a lot of practical information, and the photos make them all look really nice. But what are they really like?

Tuke, Williamson and Butler

The best accommodation you can get on campus.” – a former Butler resident

Walking to lectures is easy and the rooms are identical to Gower and Wedderburn, double bed and ensuite, but just a few years younger.

If you have dirty flatmates like I did, you might see a dirty plate left in the sink by one person who dropped out in November when you’re moving out in June – I know, disgusting. Apart from that these halls are well located for everything and have a really good living atmosphere.

Gowar and Wedderburn

Wedderburn is better” – a former Wedderburn resident

It’s definitely the best hall, don’t @ me" – a former Gowar resident

Separated by a small patch of grass, these IDENTICAL halls of residence have experienced some rivalry in the past; the 2016 fire alarm incidents still haven’t been forgotten. Each room is a comfy, double, ensuite and, as long as your flat of 8 get on, the kitchen is great for pre drinks and flat meals.

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Wedderburn I still miss you

You WILL smell weed because everyone will be smoking there, and good luck walking up that hill everyday.

Runnymede 1 & 2

I wouldn’t highly recommend Runnymede, a solid 6/10 – which is basically a 2:1” – a slightly disastisfied Runnymede resident

Despite some complaints about dodgy smelling toilets and weird heating systems, you get what you pay for in Runnymede. It’s quite a cheap hall of residence, which means more money for the SU. Flats of five is a good number, reduced mess and risk of falling out. Plus it’s in a good location, not far from The Hub or the sports centre.


Flip flops in the showers. Absolute classic.” – former Founders resident.

You will be living in an actual castle. However beware, because you’ll be hearing the clock every hour – even at night. Have they sorted out the 2 minute delay yet? Find out in September!

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Welcome to Hogwarts

You will also be sharing your bathroom. If you’re a clean person you might struggle sharing a toilet or bathroom everyday with lots of other people, but this can make it a sociable hall and it’s easy to make friends here. Create a group chat with all your corridor and go to dinner with each other, it’ll feel like boarding school.

George Eliot

Named after a famous alumna, the newest halls on campus aren’t even flats, but townhouses. Yes, living here is a sign of true luxury, even if it’s a really confusing system and it’s hard to find the right townhouse that your mate lives in. New, freshly painted and genuinely really nice you have hit the jackpot here my friend.


This accommodation is like Tuke or Gowar, but for half the price – which means you can get spacious accommodation even if you’re on a tighter budget. It is catered though, so you have to get used to food from the SU or The Hub pretty quickly. The downside is that you really can’t cook anything – toastie makers or rice cookers have to be ‘put away’ if discovered, so if you like cooking or don’t like campus food this isn’t the one for you.

Kingswood 1 & 2

If you can cope with mould and cold you’ll have the time of your life” – Kingswood 2015/16 resident

It is cheap for a reason. You might be saving money but good luck tackling the trek to campus and the canteen food in these ‘catered’ halls. On the flip side, a lot of people who lives in Kingswood will tell you about the community spirit, and have stayed friends throughout their time at Royal Holloway. Obviously friends who suffer together stay together.