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Female student asked to leave SU for swearing in front of security

She was told ‘ladies really shouldn’t swear’

Last night at the SU a female student was taken outside by a security and told that 'ladies dont swear':

'I was taken outside for being ‘too drunk’…I was annoyed that I was taken outside and didn’t understand why, so I swore, at that point I was told by an older man, not of student age, in front of my female friend and I think two other female security that ladies really shouldn't swear!

My friend and I both looked at each other and couldn’t believe he said that to me. I was pretty furious at the situation and recall arguing about it but he just ignored it of course and kept going on about how I was drunk instead.'

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The SU responded to the tweet saying they are looking into changing the security contract, and will be 'feeding' this incident into the process. It follows a number of other incidents reported to the Tab by female students feeling they are regularly and unfairly picked on by male security staff at the SU. Another female student told us:

'I was holding my boyfriends hand and following him, while he was about to enter the toilets. I felt someone holding me back, when i looked back it was the security. At first i assume it was because i was about to go to the mens room – but he made me follow him and kicked me out from the SU.

It would make more sense if I was actually inside the toilets, but I wasn’t even in and kicking someone out because of this doesn’t make much sense'

There are other examples of female, and male, students being singled out by security, and asked to leave for seemingly absurd reasons. The SU have the last say on who enters and leaves their property, but sexist remarks are definitley not something that should be accepted, especially on the night of Varsity where both male and female teams had some huge successes.