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The ‘It’s Okay To Be White’ posters are back

And RHUL students have had the best response

Some of you may have noticed that Englefield Green has had some new additions that nobody asked for or wanted. These come in the form of posters advertising the statement 'It's Okay To Be White', something which I thought had died out in term one. Sadly, more printer paper has been wasted.

Despite these posters plaguing my view on the walk to campus, my faith in Royal Holloway students was quickly restored. Some students decided to get inventive to cover up the message; changing them to give off a little less of a white supremacist internet troll vibe.

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"It's OK to be whoever you are. Recognise privilege if you have it. Support others. Don't be a twat"

This slogan initially started on the website 4chan in 2017, and as a result multiple Universities have jumped on the bandwagon to post the slogan around their campus. Some consider the posters to be racist, while others instead argue that it is not a threatening message which is harmless.

"Not lost. Just covering up hate"

It seems that most RHUL students don't see it as harmless and non threatening however, and instead it is widely seen to be a racist campaign that I think most people are sick of looking at. And instead of simply tearing down the posters, they decided to get a little bit more creative, with a few of the posters being replaced with a nice wholesome photo of a puppy. Definitely something I would rather see.

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"It's not okay to be a white fascist"

I think I speak for everyone when I say whoever put the posters up should really just find a new hobby. Stop wasting paper on pointless messages which aren't needed. Or if you're really passionate about putting paper on lamp posts, put memes up instead to brighten someone's day.