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RHUL’s most eligible bachelorette: Semi-Finals

One last round before the finals

Don’t miss your chance to vote for your favourite to get her into the finals of Royal Holloway’s most eligible bachelorette competition!

Izzy Shanks, Second Year, History

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“You’ll hear me say calm and perplexed quite a lot, but you’ll always hear and see me ordering 10 VKs in one go at the SU”

Alice Hopkin, Third Year, Geography

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“I may not beat her as most eligible bachelorette but Emma Spore is MY bachelorette”

Emma Spore, Third Year, Drama and Theatre Studies

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“A vote for Emma Spore is a vote for Alice Hopkin”

Anna Stanyon, Second Year, Dance and Drama

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“It’s me, the SU shop girl”

Rebecca Marshall, First Year, Creative Writing

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“I will face God and walk backwards into hell – Dril”

Vote down below for your favourite bachelorette to go the finals!