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Who has the cutest pet at RHUL?

Vote for who you think is the cutest!

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So many cute pets, but only one of them can be crowned the champion. Vote for which one you believe should be the cutest pet out of the entries from RHUL students:


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"Hi I'm Romeo, and I'm looking for my Juliet. I give great cuddles and would be willing to share my Whiskas with you <3"


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"Cutest puppy. Picks up random things when unsure what to do. Loves attention. Scared of loud noises and cats. Spend days staring at cows and caring for an old blind doggo."


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"Hi my name is Boo and I’m a Leo. I love long walks (tho I do get heckin tired and expect to be carried). I can snore so loud it exceeds the decibel scale and well what can I say? I’m just a pile of love and if I sit on you you’re not allowed to move until I give you the go ahead, could be 5 mins could be 5 days can’t say for sure! Well that’s me, just a simple lil bread roll and if you put tin foil on me you’ve got yourself a baked potato. Also I like to dress up bc I’m cute af. Please love me because I already love you”


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"Has 0 brains, but makes up for it in good looks."


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"This is Tyrion, he's a fat bastard who likes to eat charging cables. He gets sad when you stop stroking him and he dribbles when he's happy. He also loves literally anyone and everyone."


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"Hi I'm Tybalt, I'm very shy but I love belly rubs and playing with shoes"


"I'm Diz im 7 years old and I'm looking for something casual on my own terms. I desperately crave affection but will reject any you give to me ? cute but psycho ?"

Willow (the 2nd)

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"If I fits, I sits… and I'm small, so I always fits."


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(Right pupper)"Hello, my name is Zeus! I'm the big guy on the right. Some may say the better looking one, my mumma certainly does because I'm definitely her favourite. I like walks and treats and hugs and walks and food and walks and more hugs. Sometimes I'll even spoon you! I can tell when you're sad and I hate that so I will always lick away your tears. Ngl I'm pretty darn cute."

(Left pupper) "Hey I'm Zuko, I'm only 3 weeks old! I'm named after Danny Zuko from grease so I'm pretty much a stud. I should've been called chewy cause I love to chew on everything, even my own tail. Sometimes my head gets real heavy and I'll just drop and flop wherever I am and have a lil nap. Sleeping is my favourite thing, but sometimes I have a mad half hour, I'll run up and down the living room with my lil legs until I get sleepy and sploot again.

Vote below for who you think deserves to be crowned as the cutest pet!