How to get a boyfriend at RHUL

An absolute guide

Welcome to Royal Holloway, if you haven't already realised there are many girls here but not many boys. This numerically decreases the chances of you having a boyfriend in the first place. Living in a small uni and also a campus uni you'll realise that you see everyone everywhere, literally. This can be the reason why people are not super keen to have a relationship, because if you break up you can't run away from them and kinda have to see their faces almost everyday.

Try to meet as many people as possible

Half of the people you meet are going to be in a relationship already, so as many people you meet as many possible boyfriend candidates you have. Flat parties are really good for this, or joining societies.

Don't get with so many people in the SU

First of all, there is a high chance that you're going to regret that in the morning, also alcohol and the lighting in the su combination is just not the best.

Do not fall for a fuckboy/toxic person

Well, in a uni like RHUL a good percentage of boys are fuckboys – just remember that you're beautiful and vaulable and no one has the right to hurt your feelings or play with your time. Stay woke.

Try not to look for a boyfriend

As more you try as hard it is going to be for you to find someone. If you're meant to be together, one way or another, you will.

If you somehow get a boyfriend, try not to ask who he slept with

If you really want to know, well go for it but there is going to be at least a girl he slept with that you don't like. Maybe its better not to ask in the beginning of the relationship.

Also live your life, if the time is right it will happen; if it won't who needs a man, am i right ladies?

Royal Holloway, University of London