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Vote for RHUL’s most eligible bachelorette: Heat Two

The competition just got tougher


You voted for your favourites in Heat One of RHUL’s most eligible bachelorette, and now it’s time to choose your favourite from a new collection of amazing single girls on campus.

Izzy Shanks, Second Year, History

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“You’ll hear me say calm and perplexed quite a lot, but you’ll always hear and see me ordering 10 VKs in one go at the SU”

Kimberley McGregor, Second Year, Psychology and BSL

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“I can be your Royal Hollobae”

Lili Mutyambizi, Second Year, Psychology, Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience

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“Find someone who makes you feel like the transition in Nights by Frank Ocean”

Emma Spore, Third Year, Drama and Theatre Studies

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“A vote for Emma Spore is a vote for Alice Hopkin”

Alice Hopkin, Third Year, Geography

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“I may not beat her as most eligible bachelorette but Emma Spore is MY bachelorette”

Kanika Nayyar, MSc, International Relations

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“I represent to you all the sins you never had courage to commit. And, I love hot wings.”

Ellie Cozens, Second Year, Drama and Creative Writing

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“Tea in the streets, tequila in the sheets”

And now for the difficult decision of choosing your favourite from this round: vote in the poll below!