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Vote for RHUL’s most eligible bachelorette: Heat One

The power is in your hands

It’s that time of year again that you get to vote for the most eligible Bachelorette at Royal Holloway! So here are your first round of nominees:

Anna Stanyon, Second Year, Dance and Drama

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“It’s me, the SU shop girl”

Elle Bennetts, Second Year, Business Management

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“Buy me a bargain bucket and I’m yours?”

Phoebe Dormand, Second Year, Psychology

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“Send me pics of your dog”

Martha O’Brien, Third Year, Drama and Theatre

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“My idea of a perfect date? Our eyes meet across the room. We get chatting and you ask me to come back to yours. I ask if you have a dog. You say you do. We go back to yours and you take me into the bedroom. I whisper in your ear ‘where’s the dog?’. I pet the dog and leave. I go home, put my pyjamas on and watch a film. Something with Zac Efron in probably. Then I eat snacks and go to bed. The end.”

Rebecca Marshall, First Year, Creative Writing

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“I will face God and walk backwards into hell – Dril”

Tara Moussavi, Second Year, Zoology

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“Take me to mini market in Englefield Green for our first date”

So who do you think deserves to be the winner of the first round, vote down below your favourite!