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Royal Holloway cuisine: rated from best to worst

Fine dining at RHUL with @rhulfoodcritics

Emma Cole and Bianca Shirk, second year Film students at Royal Holloway, are also known as the officially unofficial food critics on campus. They use their joint Instagram account @rhulfoodcritics to give their critique on all food outlets not only on campus, but in the surrounding areas of Egham and Staines.

This week, Emma and Bianca decided to go to the best places for food that Royal Holloway has to offer and rate them from best to worst. So here are the results:

1) Boilerhouse

Ah, Boilerhouse, finally getting the recognition that it deserves. This tops Emma and Bianca's list, and I'm sure that all of the drama department will probably agree with this decision since I'm pretty sure they all live there.

Emma says: "When I miss my dog I can just hug some homemade bread from Boilerhouse."

2) The Hub

The Hub. The place to be when you wake up at 1pm hungover on a Saturday and you want to get brunch in your outfit from the night before, there's no judgement at The Hub.

Emma says: "It feels a bit like a run down hospital but the food is pretty bloody good. Just a shame you feel a bit like you're on the set of a prison drama."


Conveniently (yet also inconveniently for your bank account) Imagine is just under The Hub. Imagine sells Starbucks drinks and most importantly, bubble tea. A nice chilled out place to go when you have 3 essays due the next day and you just need a good cry into the beanbags.

Bianca says: "Imagine is the place to imagine (pardon the pun) and I love the swinging chairs! The whiteboard drawing allows me to express my creativity while sipping on bubble tea!"

4) Tommy's

Tommy's is so cheap for what you get yet so under appreciated. Pizza and a beer for a fiver? This is proof that dreams do come true. Bonus points for the burgers having punny names.

Bianca says: "The SU's restaurant is actually a hidden gem, the food and drinks they serve are top notch quality. I approve of the burgers and milkshakes! And they're doing a Christmas menu what could go wrong?!"

5) Soup from the machine in Davison library

Getting soup out of a machine is always a bit of a gamble, but it seems to have gained Emma's approval. If you're feeling a little too lazy to line up in the never ending queue for Cafe on the Square, then the machine is your go to.

Emma says: "If I could have a second mum it would be the mothership that is the coffee machine at the library. After the short IQ test that is working out how to pay for anything, you are greeted by a perfectly fit and healthy soup. (And the hot chocolate there is SO COOL you can add syrups how FANCY.)"

6)Founders Dining Hall

Yes, a literal machine made it above Founders Dining Hall. Apologies for giving anyone who has lived in catered halls traumatic flashbacks to dropping your tray. We've all been there, we're here for you. Admittedly, Founders Dining Hall is beautiful and very Instagram worthy, but I thought that the days of school dinners were behind me when I came to uni. I'd also like to take a moment of silence for all the brave Reid residents who have battled the uphill trek to Founders Dining Hall every day. Not all heroes wear capes.

If you disagree with Emma and Bianca's ratings, then feel free to send them angry messages about how Tommy's deserves better. You can follow their instagram @rhulfoodcritics to know where you should spending your entire student loan on garlic bread.