A student from Royal Holloway started a petition to improve Doctors Surgery

“I tweeted about the surgery being terrible, and after hearing a story from a friend, realised that it was not just me”


Phoebe Dormand, a student from Royal Holloway has started up a petition after writing a formal complaint which was ignored.

Phoebe said she started the petition as she personally have had multiple bad experiences with the doctors, including issues with prescriptions, lack of appointments and receptionists demanding to know what's wrong. She tweeted about the surgery being terrible and after hearing from a friend, realised that it was not just her. Starting a petition seemed like a good idea so that as many people as possible could have their stories told.

Another student, Ece, mentioned: " I was having very bad back pain and since I had two surgeries I assumed the surgery at Royal Holloway would care about my pain, I was barely breathing when I was there, instead they told they booked and appointment in Windsor about 12 hours later for that day. After I went to the hospital in Windsor the hospital staff checked my appointment details and told me my appointment was booked in Slough not Windsor. They also mentioned that another patient from Royal Holloway has been told to go to Windsor when she had her appointment in Slough."

According to the petition various problems need improving including waiting times for appointments, wrong diagnosis or medication used, rude staff and a lack of understanding regarding mental health problems as well as patient confidentiality or privacy.

As it stands the petition has more than 1,250 supporters and is quickly increasing. Students Union has already had a meeting about this problem, and we hope that it will be solved as quickly as possible.