Gowar in Top 50 UK Halls

The home of orange walls and fire alarms is making it big

This week the Times Higher Education has published a list of the top 50 halls in the UK.

Gowar hall at Royal Holloway has been ranked 40th in the country, and is the only Holloway residence to make it onto the list. Its twin hall, Wedderburn, didn’t even make the cut, let alone the prospectus worthy Founders hall.

The result is based on over 10,000 student reviews of their time in halls. A breakdown of criteria such as value for money, cleanliness, management and wifi quality are all considered. Its a good job fire alarm frequency wasn’t taken into consideration.

One former Gowar resident spoke to the Tab about their time in the halls of residence:

"Gowar was more like a ski chalet than a uni hall, with its double beds, ensuite bathrooms and wooden exterior. Sharing a large kitchen with 7 other people was hilarious, and living was easy.

It only took 10 minutes to walk to any of your lectures, and 1 minute to walk to the gym. There was a real sense of community and it was very sociable, considering there was a garden area that connected us with Wedderburn across the way. In the summer we’d have picnics on the grass outside the building: bliss."

Next year’s survey will reveal whether the swanky new George Elliot halls can steal Gowar’s crown.