Imagine is the best place on campus and everyone should know that

You love it, I love it, we all love it

When people think about Royal Holloway the same things often pop into mind, such as how incredibly Instagram-able Founders is, or the new library set to open next month. There is one part of campus which is often neglected though: the Imagine cafe, the hidden piece of paradise on campus.

Here’s a treasure map if you have not found your treasure already:

It has a friendly and chilled atmosphere

Why would you have a boring cup of coffee or tea at an ordinary cafe, when you can have bubbles in that cup while enjoying a fresh and inspiring atmosphere? Let’s be honest – the surrounding atmosphere is half of the experience of anything in life. And this case is not an exception. You can have a cup of the most awesome coffee in the world but still if the feeling in the air is not enjoyable it is a hundred percent sure that you will not enjoy your coffee as much as if you are surrounded by bright colours, while sitting in swing chairs. That is one of the many reasons Imagine is the best place to go to chat with friends, work on that essay due tomorrow morning or just spend time between lectures. Don’t bother denying it, we all know you love it too.

It’s opening hours are convenient

It is the most convenient place on campus – open everyday, and from Monday to Saturday until midnight… Midnight! Never again will you face the dilemma of craving coffee late at night with nowhere to satisfy that craving open. If you have a sudden need for coffee at 11pm at night – as every coffee-lover surely has at least once in their life – then Imagine is the place to go. If you don’t crave a cup of coffee after dinner, are you really a true coffee-lover?

Bubble tea

It would be a sin to forget the main attraction of Imagine – they sell bubble tea (along with bubble coffee and iced teas). Who doesn’t love bubbles in their tea? No one can surely resist the temptation of the delicious popping pearls.


If Imagine hasn’t already won you over with its bubbles (which it totally did, you liar!) it will with the Starbucks option. Now, we know that this is not the only place to get a double-shot-no-milk-no-sugar-whipped-cream-iced-cappuccino (or another version of a voodoo spell like order) BUT refer to the ‘atmosphere’ point a few lines above. Sure thing, you will want that cappuccino surrounded by rainbow-ish space (a unicorn might pop up out of nowhere as well. I mean we already have a strawberry covered cow outside…)

The furniture

As if it wasn’t a great enough place already, the way it is decorated adds to the great atmosphere. There are swing chairs, bean bags, huge hammock chairs and colourful couches.

Swing chairs. Swing. Chairs.

They totally won you over. I would not trust you (ever) if you said you don’t like swing chairs.



There’s even a white board with Salt Bae currently drawn on it.

I think it’s time for me to confess my love for this amazing gem on an already gorgeous campus. I love you, Imagine!