I asked men on Tinder what they think a fuckboy is

As always, this was a weird experience…

The term ‘fuckboy’ is one which has become extremely popular within society, and is one which will surely have been common in every group chat. Many argue that men are misrepresented or generalised as being fuckboys, and that women are too quick to call innocent guys out as being one. But the question remains: what is a fuckboy? Urban Dictionary’s top definition says that a fuckboy is an asshole boy who is strictly into sexual relationships. So essentially every boy that has ‘used’ you for sex.


I wanted to see what possible fuckboys think what a fuckboy is, so I asked people on Tinder how they would define a fuckboy.


no, especially you


Finally a decent human being on tinder that actually knows what a fuckboy is.


Very straight forward explaining:

Honestly, everybody more or less knows what a fuckboy is, but why do men still act like they don’t?


ah come on

How desperate you have to be for sex to be a fuckboy? Saying everything to “get” the girl, ruining relationships and more.

The point I don’t understand is why ruin other people’s relationships (or their psychological health) ¬†where you can find someone who wants exactly the same with you. Come on, where did your manners go?

good for you

I think every women(and also men) should know that their body is important and

Fuckboys might have surrounded us, however I still have faith in humanity – there are decent human beings out there, girls don’t fall for fuckboys.

Royal Holloway, University of London