The guy who made that housemate recruitment vid is back

He wants to sell you his car, and so far it has 10k views on Facebook

Harry Ainsworth, who is a first year film student at RHUL, recently made a video with his housemates after their housemate dropped out for next year. The recruitment video to find a new housemate has been watched 118,000 times on Facebook.

Now he’s back with another masterpiece, and this time he wants to sell you his beloved 2002 Toyota Yaris.

Harry told The Tab, “I made the video to try and get as many people as possible to buy my car, and also because my dad said he wanted to be in one of my videos!”

Facebook is one of the most commonly used forms of social media, therefore trying to sell a car on Facebook is not a bad idea at all. The video was published on Wednesday night and so far has 11,000 views! You can watch the video here.

Btw, if you’re interested in buying this 2002 Toyota Yaris all you need to do is click on this eBay link.

The Tab Royal Holloway