SU dispel rumours: Chase and Status WILL be present at Summer Ball

Rumours emerged after the duo’s website said they’d be in Frankfurt on 2nd June

Chase and Status will be present at the RHUL Summer Ball, as advertised by the SU. Rumours rose amongst students that the duo would not be present at the ball because they would be on tour in Frankfurt, Germany, on 2nd June. This information was found by students via their website:

The SU posted an announcement on the Summer Ball Facebook  page on 24 March which told students that Chase and Status would be headlining this year. This generated a lot of excitement among the student body and the SU reported just two hours into tickets being released that this is “the fastest selling Summer Ball in our history!” It was predicted by the SU that it was “coming up to 1/3 of all tickets for the event going in the first 6 hours”.

However, in the picture underneath the announcement, and on the Student’s Union website, it states that it will be a ‘Chase and Status DJ set’, which fuelled the rumours that the SU would instead be playing a pre-recorded set from the duo.

SU President Natasha Barrett has cleared these rumours up, telling The Tab: “Chase and Status will be attending the Summer Ball 2017 and will be performing a 90 minute live DJ set. All tracks will be selected and played by Chase and Status, and all stage activity will be performed live.”

So don’t worry, Chase and Status have cancelled their Frankfurt date, and the ball is still a highly anticipated event!