Management department changes first year online quiz to exam

The Accounting module will now be assessed in an exam

The Management department cancelled Tuesday’s scheduled online Moodle quiz for the Accounting module one day beforehand, and rescheduled it to be on Friday 17/03 instead of on Wednesday 15/03. The online Moodle quiz has been changed to be under supervised exam conditions.

Online Moodle quizzes are commonly used as a form of assessment at Royal Holloway, however, the Management department have had complaints of students doing a previous quiz together, and this is the reason for the change.

In the above email to students, the department said teamwork on the quiz would “constitute cheating”.

After having such a drastic change in their assessment method so close to the deadline, first year Management students have started a petition to  change the exam conditions back to an online quiz.

Students have managed to collect almost 200 signatures on this petition, however, the Management department is refusing to change the assessment back to its original conditions.