Clubbers of the Week: Election Night Special

Featuring a guy dressed as Donald Trump

It’s here, the round up of all the best clubbers in the SU from Friday’s Election night! It’s like a drunk version of Where’s Wally – are you in here?

Best Fancy Dress clubbers:

Edgiest clubbers:

Best “Where’s the camera?” clubbers:

Best Donald Trump Impersonator:

Best clubbers trying to look hard holding the free crisps:

Clubber who looks the most excited with their VKs:

Best white guy dab:

Best selfie attempt with a minor celebrity:

Best lad who accidentally found himself on a gal’s night:

Best group shot:

Waviest garms (by Egham’s standards):

Clubber with the best ‘drunk eyes’:

Best dance moves:

Most sensible group photo:

Most serious couple:

Most blissful clubber:

Most terrifying clubber:

The clubbers who were not at all ashamed of raiding the CU stand:

Clubbers with the best poses: