REVEALED: The winner of the Most Eligible Bachelor of RHUL 2017

He won with 47 per cent of the votes

Louie Robinson is a second year history student here at Royal Holloway. Over 4,000 of you voted in the final, with 2,021 votes going to Louie.

He won his round of the competition with 31.5 per cent and guaranteed his place as Bachelor King in the final round.

Louie won the final round with 47 per cent and has officially become the most eligible bachelor of RHUL.

Ladies, get in line.

How do you feel about winning?

“It feels great winning, an ego boost that will make the crying at night a lot less painful.”

What will you do to celebrate this huge achievement?

“I’ll definitely be celebrating at the SU and offer a free VK to all those who voted.”

Is there anyone you’d like to thank?

“I’d like to give a big thanks to all my colleagues at the SU, and Nick,Dom and Oli who made my all my wildest dreams a reality.”

What’s your secret to becoming rhul’s most eligible bachelor?

“My secret to becoming most eligible bachelor is probably through talking about my current success at West Ham, I should be breaking into the first team very soon to form a solid partnership with Andy Carroll up top. Cheers!”