Third year student dresses as a knight for a week for charity

Have you seen the Knight of Egham around?


Looking rather out of place on a Monday morning in Crosslands is third year History student, Daniel Wigmore. By dressing as a knight for the week Daniel intends to raise money as part of the Royal Holloway History Society for Mind, a charity focused on supporting those with mental health illnesses.

Just shown by his eye-catching costume and the dedication to wear it for the full week, his determination to reach his target of £150 is clear.

He told The Tab that he plans to wear the outfit not just on campus but at home, reaching the point where even his housemates call him out when he’s not seen dressed up.

Daniel shows off his medieval combat moves.

The costume itself consists of both bought and hand-made items, including a tunic he wears over a grey jumper, emblazoned with a hand drawn bear, and a huge wooden shield made from parts of a cistern and taekwondo belts.

His chainmail coif, looking very authentic, was made by his brother; a fellow history buff who started the project in September, his work totalled 100 hours overall. The sword, although plastic, is weighted authentically, and is a replacement for the actual weaponry which Daniel owns.

“I asked the police if I could carry my actual sword around the university but it was considered too much of a threat,” he says. Not the safest accessory to wave around at the SU, eh?

Cue Monty Python screams of “run away!”

Daniel also said he had considered asking the RHUL Riding Society if he could borrow a horse to ride around campus on, but has decided to settle for an imaginary one instead. “I do have a hobby horse, but it all gets a bit too much to carry,” he says.

This is not the first time Daniel has kitted out as ‘The Knight of Egham’. In his first year, Daniel set out to contribute to Comic Relief in the same manner. This time, due to not living on campus anymore, he is not spared from the odd looks from passersby as he makes his way through town.

Daniel’s page on has reached 43 per cent of his goal already and with a week to go, every penny counts. You can donate here.