Some RHUL second years have made a recruitment video to find a new housemate

It’s already received over 30k views on Facebook

Royal Holloway Students Amber, Cassie, James, Dan and Harry are currently on the hunt for their sixth house member, and have gone about it in an unusual way.

Where most people just go for posting in department and society Facebook groups in the hope that some poor soul takes their plea, this group of housemates decided to make a recruitment video, arguably a far more entertaining way of grabbing the best housemate.

Don’t they look super fun to live with?

The video features the housemates and lists all the reasons why one might want to live with them, including their cooking skills and friendly banter. It was posted on Facebook last night and already has 30k views and 1.3k likes.

The video was the visionary work of Harry Ainsworth and Charlie Catmull. You can watch it here:

Cassie, a second year Film Studies student said, “Harry wanted to do something funny to find a new housemate, so we all trusted him, and he did it.”

“Most of my time is spent either drinking VKs or doing drama student shit. I’m normally only ever home between the house of 2am and 12pm,” says second year Drama student Amber.

They also went to the effort of creating a great personality questionnaire to accompany the video, featuring questions such as “What is your opinion on the gradual rise of VK prices over the current terms?” and a variety of scenario questions. What better way to let your potential new housemates get to know you than by completing a quick multiple choice quiz?

When asked about what it’s like living with her, Cassie said “I do have an Uber addiction, but I will always remember your standard takeaway order.” These are the kind of friends you need in life, always remembering the important things.

Both Amber and Cassie were voted to be in the top 10 influential people on campus in last year’s Tab Power list and both Harry and Dan were on the Tabs most eligible bachelor list, with Harry winning the title. Just think of what could lie ahead for you if you got to live with some campus BNOCs. Oh, how exciting your life would become!

Anyone who goes to this much effort to find a housemate must be worth living with, surely? Either that, or they’re just super desperate. If this video is anything to go by, being their new housemate looks like it would be an absolutely incredible time.

If these are the housemates for you, get in contact with Amber Lickerish or Harry Ainsworth.