Monkey’s Forehead to be renamed ‘The Packhorse’ in SU refurbishment

The SU released an official statement today detailing their intent to rebrand it

The future of Monkey’s Forehead has been in turmoil in recent weeks. Rumours had spread that the Students’ Union of Royal Holloway had purchased it and intended to turn it into a new club or Medicine-type bar. Today the Students’ Union released an official statement on their website entailing their plans for the beloved bar.

In their statement the SU have said they will change the name of the pub back to what it used to be called, ‘The Packhorse’, so bye bye Monkeys. Most importantly, though, it will be kept as a pub for students and residents.

Back to it’s roots!

In their official statement the SU said it may open before the end of Term 2 of this academic year, or at the beginning of Term 3 depending on how long refurbishment takes. They claim there will be a grand opening evening to celebrate when it finally does open. It will be open 7 days a week for all of the students and residents to enjoy.

Of course, the main concern is the food. The SU have said they will keep the same menu as before, and that although some things will of course change, the beloved Monkey’s breakfast will remain. The dish will also be renamed ‘The Monkey’s Breakfast’ according to the Student Union in order to honour the beloved meal of all students and residents of Egham.

The SU also says it will be beneficial to students and will create more jobs, “As with all our other services, it will be run via student staff – creating more part time jobs on campus and putting more money back into your pockets.”

The link direct to the Student Unions statement is below: