How to nail Christmas decorations in your uni halls

Take some notes

It’s officially December and it can only mean one thing: Christmas decorations! All you need is just some friends who are excited to decorate your flat – and some money to buy the decorations would be very handy too. We’ve written a step-by-step guide to jazzing up your halls for the party season.

Step one: Buy amazing Christmas decorations


We got: a fluffy penguin (not very Christmassy, but it was too cute to resist), lots of fairylights, stickers, fake snow, a Christmas tree (obviously) and around 50 photographs of Gerard Butler – as Butler dwellers we thought, who would suit more than Gerard Butler?

Step two: Team work

he even has his own hat!

he even has his own hat!

I mean, who wants to decorate their flat on their own? You may need to put on some Christmas songs to inspire everyone around you, but afterwards you can start decorating while Mariah sings that all she wants for Christmas, is you.


Step three: Sit back and admire


This was what we achieved at the end of just 30 minutes and trust me it was worth every second of work.

Now every time we’re in the kitchen we just get super-cute Christmas vibes, plus our flat has the attention of everyone who walks past it. We lost the count of the number of people who stopped walking and started taking pictures of our window. I mean, let’s be real – who can resist life-size Gerard Butler blessed with Christmas spirit?