Founder’s residents can return to Halls tonight

Last night they were given accomodation in a nearby hotel

Students who were evacuated from Founder’s Hall last night due to the multiple fires can finally return to their rooms tonight. The students experienced a lengthy evacuation before being moved into the Windsor Building, where they waited until the early hours of this morning when they were transported via coach to the Beaumont Estate Hotel, Windsor. They will now be allowed to be back in the comfort of their rooms tonight. Principal Layzell emailed the academic staff of each department, who then forwarded this information on to students.



Founder’s Library and the Reading Rooms will also be reopened tomorrow on Saturday at 8:30 am so that students can slowly return to normality. Likewise, Founder’s Dining Hall and Crosslands will return to normal opening hours for weekends.

In Principal Layzell’s email he also confirmed the extensions for academic deadlines due to the disruptions. Principal Layzell has also urged students to avoid rumours and come forward to the police if they have any pictures or videos of the event to help with the police investigation.