The deadlines for some departments have been extended by 48 hours

They are due to the events that occurred in Founder’s last night

Yesterday a 21-year-old male tried to set alight the centre of our establishment, Founders. A former student of RHUL was arrested on suspicion of arson, with intent to endanger life.

Students and staff alike had a long, tiring and eventful night. A helicopter circled campus, up to 30 policemen were on the scene, two fire engines were deployed and sniffer dogs were led around the uni. On top of that  were the unstoppable rumours making their way around the uni.

Yesterday around 3 am the principal of RHUL announced to students who had been evacuated, and were being held in Windsor Auditorium, that their deadlines for this week would be extended for 48 hours due to unseen circumstances.


Today some departments have already confirmed extension, such as English and International Relations. There are still some departments like management that haven’t announced a 48-hour extension to their students.


We will update on any further extensions granted by the university.