RHUL’s Winter Ball is the Christmas event you don’t want to miss

You can even get candy canes hand delivered personally to someone on the night

The Red Cup Company kick off the festive season with their glistening Winter Ball in Founders Dining Hall on the 1st of December at 9pm. They’re set to welcome guests with chilled champagne on arrival and activities include: a photo booth, a bottle raffle and live music all night long.


It’s that time of year before the majority of students will be ‘driving home for Christmas’, and will need the opportunity get drunk on mulled wine to express their love towards their newly-formed friends. Not only will they have the opportunity to reach out to friends, but to also confess their fanciful feelings towards those whom they’ve had their eye on this term.


They will be selling candy canes all night, where you’ll be able to write a message to a secret someone, and they will deliver them for you! Don’t worry, if you don’t get any, you can always do a Regina George and send them to yourself.


This year they have an incredibly talented house band who bring jazzy/funk vibes to this event, and who accompany some of Royal Holloway’s very talented performers.

If that wasn’t enough to persuade you, the event is for a good cause. All proceeds will go to the charity Dig Deep who provide clean water for Kenyan children. We spoke to Laith Luay, President of the Red Cup Company, who aims to raise up to £3000 from this event. Christmas is about giving, right? So it makes the £18 ticket so much more worth it when you know it’s going to such an important cause.

12360370_934052523331728_4888731947128250807_nIt’s a great opportunity to dress up, hear some of Royal Holloway’s finest musicians, and have a great time rockin’ around the Christmas tree!

If you haven’t bagged a ticket yet, don’t worry – it’s not too late! They’re on sale each day this week from 12-3pm until Thursday 1st December in Bedford Library.