Remembering what Monkey Mondays once was – and how we will miss it

Farewell, old friend

I still remember how great Monkey’s nights once were, the enormous queues, the cheap drinks, the good music (most of the time), and the great company.

Being in my third year – at Royal Holloway University of Nowhere Near London – meant that during my first year I had the pleasure of experiencing going to Monkey’s Forehead on Monday night. That is, before Toast at Medicine came along and finished our primate friend. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t about dissing Toast but simply a way of remembering Monkeys back when it was living to its full potential.

I remember in 2014 during freshers week, Monkey was the talk of the town, or more specifically the talk of the university. The first time I went to monkeys with a group of friends I had met during freshers, the queue was so long that security guards discouraged anyone arriving at that point to try somewhere else as it were unlikely that they would be able to get in.

Way back when

Since we knew people who were already there we decided to stay in queue and try our luck. A few people getting chucked out for being too drunk and a few others choosing to leave meant that after 45 minutes of waiting out in the cold it was finally our time to get in.


Monkey’s was packed, outside and inside. There was hardly and room to move around, and that was great. I can’t say that I remembered much of what happened later that night, because getting to the bar was a challenge, so when we finally managed to get to the bar, we wasted no time and ordered tequila shots, Jägerbombs and a few other drinks as we knew it would be hard to get back to the bar.

Monkey’s Mondays were the night to go out and have a good time, meet your friends, and just party in an environment that was not a university venue or club, yet conveniently not far from it.



Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case. Monkey’s nights now seem quieter and much not as full as they used to be. Not only a great place to out at night but also a place to go cure our hangovers acquired there the night before.

Full English Veggie Breakfast

For a long time there has been talk of the SU not buying Monkeys, Monkeys has announced a ‘Farewell’ event.


The event called ‘The Big Farewell’ will take place on 9th of December. And since the date is not too far away I would like to take the opportunity to say thanks to ‘Monkey’s Forehead’ for providing me with a place to party with my friends and be a little more than I should have been.


Just know that you will be missed old friend!