Introducing ‘Scratch’, RHUL’s long-awaited house night

You won’t have to hear the Toast DJ’s ‘that’s not me/countdown’ transition any longer

Next Tuesday, 15 November, Medicine is hosting the underground music night we’ve all been waiting for.

The Tab spoke to Masters student Francis Woodcock who has come all the way from York to bring his fresh, community-focused, alternative night-out to music lovers at Royal Holloway.

Inspired by the big House/Techno underground scene in York Francis felt that something was missing in Royal Holloway’s nightlife, and in an attempt to set Medicine alight (for the first time), created the event ‘Scratch’. He told The Tab, “It’s not about getting intoxicated or pulling, it’s about enjoying nightlife and music”.


After the success of the first night a few weeks ago, where people were really receptive to it, Francis and his team of four other student DJ’s are now aiming to get more people exposed to the event.

You don’t have to be into House and Techno music to enjoy the night. When the creator himself started York as an undergrad he admits he was more of an Indie fan, and didn’t get into the House genre at first because of it’s lack of lyrics. Francis encourages other music lovers to give it a chance: “Now I’m more well versed in it I’m much more into it,”. He says it’s where his passion lies.


The nights are designed to bring together people from various backgrounds to share their love of music and have a great night without needing to get ridiculously drunk to enjoy it (unlike most SU nights).

Scratch takes place in Medicine on Tuesday 15th November, with five talented student DJ’s. Oh, and did we mention it was free?