Founder’s West was evacuated last night

The college said it was unsafe for students to stay there

Founder’s West has been experiencing power cuts all through the last week, but last night the college deemed the building unsafe for students to stay in.

Students were informed of the situation last night through emails and a post on the student intranet page, which informed them that the college had arranged accomodation in the nearby De Vere Beaumont Estate Hotel in Windsor for the night. They were asked to pack an overnight bag annd start boarding the buses from the college bus stop.

Reports from last night said that since the power went out the residents of all the Founder’s West corridors had an “intense evening of trying to eat all the food in their fridges, and then flocked to Imagine to get some wifi.”

The college apologised for the situation in their post, saying, “We are very sorry for the power outage currently affecting areas of Founder’s West… We are doing everything that we can to restore the power, but the fix will not be completed until tomorrow at the earliest.”

The college’s Maintenance team were on site last night trying to find the cause of the power failure, and they located a damaged distribution board and are currently working on repairing it.

The college says they will keep students updated directly by email about any changes, and they can stay up to date using the student intranet and Campus Life Twitter (@RHCampus Life) and facebook channels too.