There’s now a burger van outside the SU

They want to make a regular appearance

Last week, a burger van appeared within the walls of the SU smoking area. In previous weeks the SU had been continuing to serve their trademark hotdogs under a gazebo, but this is definitely an unexpected and much appreciated level-up.

The van sells burgers, hotdogs, and, most importantly, a big box of chips for £2.50. The smell the van emanated was the most alluring thing at the SU that night.

The Tab spoke to the manager of the van, who said the company, Best of British, was the 10th best of it’s type in the country, so you can’t say the SU don’t spoil us (and at least now we all know what our 9k is going towards).

When asked what it was like to stand outside our SU for hours serving VK-inebriated students, he said, “Your students are the nicest ones we’ve had, not as rowdy as other unis.” Something to be proud of, I guess.

When asked if they would be here in subsequent weeks, he said, “We hope so. There was a different van here last Friday so we’ll see if we can outdo them as our competition.” So not only will this van most likely be making a return, but we can expect different vans making appearances over the coming weeks.

Look out Domino’s, there’s a new guy in town, and he sells cheesy chips.