We need to stop worrying about turning our one night stands into relationships

Why do we expect a relationship when we only sought some fun?

We’ve all done it – gone on a night out with the sole intention of pulling for some no-strings-attached fun. Why is it, then, that sometimes afterwards we seem to be so sad about the other person not wanting to spark a relationship after a one night stand?

Sure, you slept together, but that doesn’t mean you’re now contractually obliged to get married, start a family, have four children, a dog and a Vauxhall Astra. I’m bored of hearing, “Oh, boys only want one thing when they’re on a night out.” Come on, stop complaining – you know you did the exact same thing to someone else last week.

prinking for the pull.

Prinking for the pull.

Do we really think we’re going to meet Prince Charming in the SU whilst off our tits on orange VKs? It’s hardly the love at first sight set up, is it? Both parties went out with the agenda of getting drunk and hopefully pulling and congrats, it happened. We can’t honestly think a relationship was going to magically spring from this drunken bonk. The likelihood is that we’ll never speak again. To be honest. In many cases that can be the best way, after you roll over in the morning to find they’re not quite the 10/10 you thought they were.

Romeo, Romeo, where for art though Romeo.

Romeo, Romeo, where for art though Romeo

Fair enough if they said they’ll message and then doesn’t, we have every right to be a bit pissed off, but in the long run it was a one night stand, so we can’t really be that attached and heartbroken after one night. And then we’re on a night out and we see a previous bed buddy, only they’re with someone else. Sure, our pride is a little hurt that he’s pulled again before we did, but that doesn’t then mean he’s used or betrayed us. We jump to conclusions so quickly when we’re probably acting in a pretty similar way.

Why he no text me? Oh wait i don't give a damn.

Why he no text me? Oh wait, I don’t give a damn.

All in all, if we set out to pull on a night out, male or female, the agenda is pretty much going to be the same. We wanted sex, we got sex. We’re all as bad as each other when the alcohol takes over.