Chicken nuggets are seriously overrated – and I’ve had enough

I refuse to get onboard with this ridiculous obsession

If you want my (unpopular) opinion, chicken nuggets are shit. They’re not real food, they don’t taste nice and they don’t look nice. They’re kind of smooth and spongy, and always seem to be worryingly uniformly shaped. I’m pretty sure actual chicken shouldn’t be like this.

It’s the kind of food four-year-olds get fed by parents who don’t love them enough to feed them something, anything else. I get that they’re convenient to cook, but cooking a real life chicken breast is hardly rocket science, is it? It just baffles me how people our age can honestly tell me they enjoy eating nuggets.

I didn’t think it could get worse. Then i found everyday value Nuggets.

Googling chicken nuggets, the first thing that comes up is describing the stuff they’re made from as “meat slurry”. Yum, deep fried meat slurry for tea, that sounds so appealing. I can see why they didn’t go with “say what you see” when naming them.

I’m pretty sure most people understand that they’re made from the crap bits of the animals all mashed together, so how have they become such an obsession?

I love you but why the nuggets?

I asked a few nugget fiend friends of mine why they love them so much and no one really gave me a real answer as to why they eat them. One replied: “Chicken is love, chicken is life”. THEY’RE NOT REAL CHICKEN. They’re slimy and compact and obviously incredibly processed. How can you tell this is food that makes you happy? Another friend quoted King Curtis saying: “Chicken Nuggets is like my family”.

I’m not sure exactly who King Curtis is, but I feel pretty sorry for his family being compared to these golden nuggets of mashed up animal.

How are you so happy about nuggets?

According to the experts, McDonalds do the best nuggets. I’m not sure Mcdonalds do the best anything but if you insist on going there then why would you choose the most processed thing you can find? At least choose the chicken selects which are more like real chicken. 20 nuggets there are £3.99 but you pay the same price for only five chicken selects. Surely this should set alarm bells ringing. No meat in that quantity should be that cheap. Yes, you’re clearly getting more for your money, but why wouldn’t you want to eat something that actually tastes and feels like you’re eating real meat?

Apparently nugs are life. I’d like to live a different life please

Is it just that we’re all poor students now and they’re cheap to buy? If that’s the case just go to Tesco at closing time and buy from the reduced section. There are so many better cheap alternatives than the god awful “nugs”.

I know you shouldn’t judge people on their food choices, but I’ve just heard too many people raving about how good nuggets are recently. I’m no food expert but it just really puzzled me how so many people have suddenly decided that nuggets are the food of the gods. I’ll leave you alone to bow down to the holy nugget while I sit in the corner with my real, non-processed food.