RHUL releases warning about protests on Saturday

After much prompting from students

After much speculation about the RVF’s upcoming protest, The Tab confirmed that it would be taking place this Saturday between 2-4pm. We also secured an interview with the people who will be leading the counter demonstration against the protest.


The university had remained very quiet about what was going on, but have finally broken their silence. Royal Holloway has finally addressed that they were fully aware that the protest would be taking place, along with informing us of the precautions that they will be taking to ensure that the protest remains controlled and peaceful.


There will be a visible security presence on campus while the protest takes place, with both campus security and members of the Surrey police at hand. However, the university has advised that people refrain from using the front gates, and use alternative routes to access campus and the surrounding area if available.

There is more information available on the university intranet which can be accessed here: https://www.royalholloway.ac.uk/students/news-events/news-articles/updates-on-a-planned-demonstration-this-saturday-outside-campus.aspx