What happened to Spotted: Royal Holloway?

It was the Gossip Girl of RoHo

As a fresher two summers ago, there was one Facebook page that defined what I thought uni would really be like. Its name was Spotted: Royal Holloway, and it defined a generation.

Trawling through it in fear that you’d been ‘spotted’, it provided a lot of laughs, and sometimes grimaces, documenting the best and worst of life at RoHo. From Louis Vuitton bags in the laundry to a pregnancy test at the back gate, the page had it all.

It was a page for anyone who’d had ‘A cheeky glance in a lecture. Bumped into someone at Medicine. Saw a slag get off with your boyfriend in the SU? All the gossip and goings on happens here!’. And it really was, with over 6,000 likes, a lot for such a small uni.

So what has happened to it? The last post was June 22nd, but even before that the page had been in decline. It just isn’t what it used to be.

And it’s not as if the Roho scandal has died down. So we want to know where Spotted has gone, and when it is coming back. How will the class of 2016 know who fell asleep in a lecture? Or find out who they got off with in Medicine?

When asked about it’s sad demise, The Spotted page told the Tab:

“It’s declined simply because there aren’t any submissions coming in. It’s entirely generated by reader messages sent in so without that it’s not worth the effort trying to make stuff up.”

It was originally started by someone else and handed to me, and it was successful because it had a lot of social value and was very relatable in various ways.”

We’re very sad about this end of an era, so we put together a gallery of the very best of Spotted RHUL for you to reminisce over:





classic roho cars



be careful what you say in the quiet section



post monkeys monday



down and out



someone had a good night



We want Spotted back in our lives, so keep your eyes open and send the weird and wonderful of Royal Holloway to the page!