RHUL are competing in Varsity for the first time ever

It was announced last night

For the first time ever, the RHUL Bears are competing in a Varsity tournament.

Last night was the first Sports night of the year, Bears Night. For once Toast was a flop as everyone flocked in their masses to the SU, where we were told a special surprise awaited us. Sports and Development Sabb Officer Steff Milne bounded onto the stage in the Collosus mascot suit, and excitedly gave us the news.

“I promised you Varsity, so I give you… Varsity 2017!” she cheered.

This year our rivals are Surrey, the VK guzzling sporting giants who live for MNG (Monday Night Guildford, in case you didn’t know). The tournament will take place on 29 March 2017.

It’s Stags vs Bears, and as of last night the gloves are off.

Watch the campaign video below: