Students launch mass complaint against Holloways Estate Agents

‘We feel really fucked about’

It’s about to go down in Holloway.

Earlier in the year Holloways Estate Agents merged with YourMove, another prominent agent in Egham. Holloway’s had up until this point been one of the best know agencies and most widely used by students in the area. However since the two became one many problems have arisen, with vital documentation, such as passport copies, regularly going missing, guarantor forms having to be re-submitted and tenancies starting before contracts could be signed.

Especially for first years, moving out of accommodation and into the rental market can be quite a daunting process, so many students are really fed up that this has been complicated by their estate agents.

As the student who is leading this complaint said in her status to gather support, ‘we feel real fucked about.’

The status that has started the campaign

The status that has started the campaign

Speaking to the Tab about what is going to happen next Jen said:

‘Now I have the responses I’m gonna collate them into a massive complaint letter because I felt like our voices, mine and my housemates, wouldn’t be heard if we complained, so I decided that if we had a massive group of us complaining then something might actually get done.’

In less than a day the status had over 50 likes and over 20 comments from students of all years trying to get involved in the complaints process. This means that whatever is submitted to the agents will likely carry some weight, as a big proportion of their tenants are clearly dissatisfied.

If the complaint is dealt with correctly this could be a real victory for anyone who has had dealings with the agents, and may improve their experiences in the future.