Registering to vote should be your vibe right now

The deadline is the 7th June folks

It’s been branded the question of a generation. On the 23rd June the polling stations will open and the general public will be able to decide whether to remain or leave the European Union. An even more important date, however, is the 7th June. Why? Because that’s the last possible chance you have to register to vote if you want to partake in the referendum.

EU 3

If I’m honest I was more hyped for voting when I turned 18 than the legal alcohol part, because I’m a massive political nerd. I’m one of those rare people who can say that they voted for their local Police Commissioner. Yet this is not something shared by the majority of young people, with 1 in 6 not registered to vote. Voter turnout in the under 25s category is expected to be about 52%. Slow down everyone; don’t trip over each other on the way to the ballot box.

Both camps have accused the other of scaremongering and many statistics have been rolled out warning of complete apocalyptic meltdown if we leave or stay. Superhero films have nothing on the EU referendum in terms of destructive drama; move over Batman vs. Superman, it’s all about Vote Remain vs. Vote Leave.


All the interesting deets

Either way the decision could potentially affect the UK for decades to come and the people who will be most affected will be us. It is very easy to feel apathetic towards politics in general. Let’s be honest, enjoyment of pigs aside, what do any of us really have in common with David Cameron? You may just be one person with one vote, but you have way more power than you give yourself credit for.

Old people, the group most likely to turn out and vote, certainly know their worth. Their combined voting power makes them an extremely important electorate group, something reflected by the fact 23% of welfare spending is spent on the pensions department. Tory governments have pulled a lot of dick moves over on students, so maybe we need to learn something from the OAPs of Britain and vote. Where’s my free bus pass, Dave?

That’s why registering to vote is so important. It literally takes five minutes to do online and the process is way easier than deciding what to watch on Netflix. You can do it without even leaving the comfort of the bae that is bed and once you’ve registered, you’re registered for life (unless you change addresses). By registering you are giving yourself a voice, a cliché but true. Don’t waste your vote. There are those in the world who envy the privilege we have. You may feel ignored or disillusioned with our system but voting is the only way to empower ourselves.

And if you don't know, now you know

And if you don’t know, now you know

I’m not going to argue that you should vote in or out, because frankly that’s your decision and none of my business. But your metaphorical voice will literally not be heard if you don’t have a vote to begin with. So shout your opinion loud and clear on the 23rd June, first by registering by the 7th June. For more information on the EU referendum click here.