BNOC of the Year: The Finalists

It’s the final countdown

It’s time for the final votes! Last week we watched a dramatic race to the top of each group, with votes soaring through the roof. Now we’ve rounded up the 5 biggest BNOCs in RHUL and are asking you to choose your victor. After all, there can only be one BNOC.

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Dylan Maryk

After racking up an almighty 43% of the votes in heat 1, Dylan is storming his way into the final.

There are two sides to every techy – on the one hand, he’s the go to guy on campus for anything technical, but every SU night he can be seen with VK claws, wild dance moves and posing philosophical questions to the chain smokers outside.

“If I win I’ll offer free tech support to anyone who wants it. Not a stupid, fun thing I know, but something I think would make me worthy of winning. Everyone loves a free shot, but I think they love working computers and phones even more.”

Ben Tozer

Ben, everyone’s favourite Labour lover won so many votes in heat 2 it made me wonder if all your VKs had been tampered with.

“I think if I won I would celebrate with a trip to Runnymede chicken, and then I would probably go to the Forresters for a pint.” This guy clearly knows how to party.

Max Lawson

His milkshake brings all the girls to the yard, narrowly beating his ginger rival Rob Mosley in heat 3, but is it enough to win him the BNOC crown?

“I should win because I help you with your problems as a course rep, organise some great events in the SU, and at the end of the night I’m there to drive you home in the SSHH Bus too. And if I win… I’ll quit all those jobs and become a full-time BNOC!”

Natalie McAleer

This renowned potato lover and Liam Neeson enthusiast earned a massive 1,740 votes last week. Can her Irish charm get her to the final?

Natalie is honoured to have been nominated, “You should vote for me because I have the same accent as Liam Neeson, and if I win I’ll give everyone who voted for me a potato.”

Andeev Dosanjh

Andeev nailed heat 5, earning 47% of the votes. He’s such a party starter he can turn even that dreaded 3am Gowar fire alarm into an SU after party.

“If I won, I’d celebrate by having a Block G Gowar party and everyone is invited. Different music on each floor – Your everyday music, cheese floor, 80s music floor and a grime floor. Then hopefully at some point during everyone can sing the big fucking Indian chant (if you know, you know.)”