BNOC of the Year: Group 5

This is the final batch of nominees

This your last chance to vote for your favourite BNOCs before the Grand Final, get them in, make it count.

Stephen Johnson

“I should win BNOC of the year because … I. NEVER. LOSE. If I should win I’ll probably continue being the same loud annoying cunt I have been since circa 1996 xoxo gossip girl.”

Andeev Dosanjh

If I won, I’d celebrate by having a Block G Gowar party and everyone is invited. Different music on each floor – Your everyday music, cheese floor, 80s music floor and a grime floor. Then hopefully at some point during everyone can sing the big fucking Indian chant (if you know, you know.)

Philip Kinahan

“If I were to win BNOC of this year, I would take those nearest and dearest to me for a feast and drinks at Toby Carvery. The reason why I should win because I’m good representative of the student body and Director of Volunteering at Men’s Rugby.”

Umamah Ahmed

“In the famous words of Honey Boo Boo, ‘I always Bring my A game’.”

Hamdi Najib

“Ok, let’s be straightforward, I should win because I am what some would call a “unique individual.” I like food, friends and fun. Not to mention, if you already know me, you must know I am an incredibly weird insomniac. If I win I will always carry on promoting being yourself, whether that be your humour, nationality or sexuality.”

Niall Casson

“Just a small town boy, with a big city dream.” He’s definitely not going to fulfil that in Egham.