VOTE! BNOC of the Year: Group 2

“I’d have a drum and base night in my honour”

From Rugby boys to Labour candidates, check out these BNOCs and vote for your favourite to get them through to the final.

Harry Barham

Harry is a bit of a wild one, saying, “I’d celebrate by getting far too drunk and ending up with no hair after a day out with the rugby club. Then going through the most ridicule possible for weeks afterwards.”

Violaine Brunelin

“Maybe if I win my Teddy bears will be proud of me.”

Alice Mae Hopkin

“If I win, I’ll buy the whole SU a VK. Also, I’ll organise free mint aeros for the whole of the university. Mint Aeros are my life and I hope they are yours too x”

Daniel Jones

Rent star Daniel says, “I should be crowned BNOC of the year because I’ve been training for this moment my whole life. It’s been my dream since I was just a child.”

Millie Martin

“If I won BNOC, I would organise a drum and bass night in my honour and buy my voters shots!”

Ben Tozer

“I think if I won I would celebrate with a trip to Runnymede chicken, and then I would probably go to the Forresters for a pint.” This guy clearly knows how to party.