Principal to DJ at Summer Ball

Paul is going to the Ball

Its official, Paul IS going to play for us.

After much anticipation, today it was announced that Royal Holloway’s principal, Paul Layzell, will be doing a set at this years Summer Ball. Mr Layzell will make a rare appearance on June 3rd, in order to DJ in the headphone disco at the infamous Summer Ball.

The Student’s Union have been running a Twitter campaign over the past few weeks, and it seems that the principal has been persuaded following the hundreds of tweets and numerous posters around campus using the #playforusPaul hashtag.



In his email where he revealed he would indeed be playing at the ball, Paul said that he would be ‘delighted’ to play at the event, and assured students that other acts would be playing if this put anyone off. Aw.

Following this revelation the SU have now started a song list for students to suggest songs, with other students hoping he plays Drum n Bass.

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Only the fortunate ticket holders will be able to experience the event, but it is likely to go down in history. Tickets are selling out fast so for your chance to see what could be a historical event, make sure you buy a ticket soon.