There’s a campaign to get Royal Holloway to leave the NUS

They need 200 signatures

A campaign has started at Royal Holloway for a referendum on whether we should leave the NUS.

The campaign leaders are hoping to have all the 200 signatures needed ready for next Thursday, when they will submit the papers to the Students’ Union.

This comes in light of the recent election of the controversial Malia Bouattia as President of the NUS.

In the last few days both Newcastle and Lincoln have left the Union, and it seems that other universities, including Royal Holloway, may well be set to follow them. Oxford and King’s College London have already begun campaigns to disaffiliate themselves.


Malia Bouattia the new President of the NUS

Debate has been sparked over Malia, particularly over accusations of anti-Semitism. Many students oppose her and are, evidently, outraged at her election.

Royal Holloway’s campaign is already experiencing “overwhelming support” according to organisers who are confident they will have the 200 signatures needed to submit the papers and force a referendum.

The campaign feels that without the NUS the SU will be better placed to look after students, especially following the recent election.

Information about how to sign up and the referendum can be found here.