The new Instagram logo is rank

It just looks wrong

Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012; however 2016 has been a big year of change. In March Instagram controversially changed how it organises the feed to an algorithm based upon what it thinks you care most about.

Insta, no. Stop. I’m a complex human being who is more than just numbers, and I’m also a procrastinating student. I want to stalk everyone I follow by looking at my whole feed chronologically. No one needs another optimised Facebook feed.

But, even more tragically, yesterday Instagram changed it’s logo. The beloved and iconic Instagram camera  is gone. It’s replacement is hideous, and makes my  homescreen look ugly.

The old logo was way better.

It just looks wrong. While skeuomorphic design may be on the way out (thanks, Apple), being able to drunkenly look for a camera logo for a lads-night-out selfie was a godsend.

It was something we cherished about Insta—a retro look that complimented the retro filters. And that bled into a nostalgia of viewing one’s past photos, to create #tbs and to just view one’s own feed.

Instagram say: “Our updated look reflects how vibrant and diverse your storytelling has become.” Pfft.

Instagram is a treasure trove of old photos and a fleeting snapshot of the present, but the new logo abstraction lacks any of the character that our photos have. It’s just one further separation we have from the world—it was for many of us the closest thing we had to an old-school film camera.

Goodbye, old friend. Goodbye.