I swapped underwear with my boyfriend for a week

‘I’ve never felt so free’


This is one of those articles that does what it says on the tin; I really did wear boxers for a week and my boyfriend had the unfortunate opportunity of wearing my underwear. I’m not going to lie, this is one of the weirder Tab articles I have written.

When I suggested this idea to my boyfriend his initial reaction was ‘No, that’s weird’ and the only reason you are reading this today is because, and I quote, ‘he loves me and I had better appreciate that’. I also had my reservations, as although we’ve been dating for nearly 6 months, I wasn’t sure if this was going to be too weird too soon.

However, we agreed to do it for a week and so begrudgingly swapped pants.

At the beginning we both regretted it slightly.

Day 1:

He decided to give me his smaller pair of boxers because I’m a girl, but this wasn’t working out as our butt sizes are *ahem* a little different. Honestly, it was so uncomfortable. I did an exam in them and the material distribution was all wrong, with almost wedgey territory behind and a plethora of cotton in front.

So big yet so small

So big yet so small

My boyfriend was equally aghast when he realised just how little material there was in ladies’ pants. I guess he didn’t really notice these things until it became very obvious that they were just not big enough. Poor guy.

Day 2:

Things weren’t getting much better. The initial novelty had worn off and now I was stuck with boxers that were a little uncomfortable and my boyfriend was miserable wearing pink, lacy pants.

I hadn’t told my friends this was happening, just to see their shocked reaction when the article came out, so when we were at the pub and someone saw ‘Calvin Klein’ on my waistband I had a lot of explaining to do. I was beginning to wonder what I’d signed up for. I had a perma-wedgy and no respect from my friends. Fun.


take me back

Day 3:

This is when things started to get better.

I put my foot down and said I needed bigger pants, which I think worked better for both of us, as now I wasn’t constantly whinging about my discomfort. These are the pants people talk about when they say they wear their boyfriends boxers all the time. Oh my, they were comfy. The only problem came when I put skinny jeans on and had a slight boxer muffin top.

I wasn’t complaining though, they were well nice.

By this point I had moved up to wearing tops as well

By this point I had moved up to wearing his tops as well

Day 4:

In return for the bigger boxers, I gave my boyfriend some granny pants. For those of you who don’t know what these are, they’re the really big, comfy pants girls wear when they know nobody is gonna see.

This was good. Both of us were comfortable, and he felt only slightly immasculated. I was starting to come round to the idea, despite still not being able to wear leggings.

not quite, babe

not quite, babe

Day 5:

As the week drew to a close it definitely got better, as we both gave each other bigger pants. Big, roomy boxers are so comfortable to sleep in, but not when you put leggings on and look like you’re wearing a nappy underneath!

My other half had also warmed to the idea, with comments such as ‘there’s so much air’ and ‘I’ve never been this free’. It actually does feel quite strange wearing my normal pants now, and I think I have been ruined. When asked to comment on the week he offered:

‘Despite initially feeling hesitant, I quite liked the experience mainly as there was added room to breathe and they were surprisingly comfortable.’


back to normality

All I can say is that you should really try it. Even if you’re single and fancy giving it a go I would definitely encourage you. I am not sure if we will keep doing this, but knowing neither of us would judge each other if when we pulled our trousers down is a nice thought. Wearing non-conformative undies doesn’t mean you’re ‘weird’, it just means you know what is comfortable.  And boxers are very, very comfy…

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