The Obamas are coming to Windsor this weekend: here’s how they should celebrate

It’s the Queen’s birthday bash

Queen Elizabeth II turns 90 this weekend, and to celebrate she has a weekend packed full of events, including the unveiling of a plaque, greeting the public and, of course, a luncheon with Barack and Michelle Obama.

Here’s the Tab’s definitive guide on what the power couple should do this weekend in Windsor

Afternoon Tea

When in Rome, eh? To kick off the weekend, the President and First Lady should head for some relaxing tea and scones overlooking Windsor Castle.

Come sit with us

Come sit with us

Tour of Windsor Castle

Yes, they’ll be seeing it later on during lunch – but this way they’ll get the extended version, and get to pay the entry fee too.

Fit for a Queen

Fit for a Queen

Trip to Eton

Now that the Obamas have soaked up some culture, it’s time to wander down the cobbled streets of Eton. Who knows, they might just meet the next Prime Minister!

The King and Castle pub (aka Wetherspoons)

After his tour of the castle, it’s time to head to the pub for prees. The spoons in Windsor is great, and it’s close to the (two) clubs!


Obama is a modern and groovy man, so there’s no doubt he’ll be heading to the Windsor hotspot that is Atik (formerly known as Liquid) and bust some moves, the way that only an Obama can.

Liquid... gone but never forgotten

Liquid… gone but never forgotten

Studio 15

‘Club hopping doesn’t happen in Windsor…’ I hear you say. If the leader of the free world wants to frolic his way around Berkshire, who are we to stop him? Third year Isabel explains this choice of student club: “I reckon they will explore the dark four corners of Studio 15. Atik is too mainstream for him, Obama needs the stylish, understated vibe of Studio 15. He’s probably booked out the VIP section to dab with the Queen.”


Presumably, the Obamas are feeling a little worse for the wear this morning after nailing a few jägerbombs, so they’ll need a good fry up to remedy the hangover before lunch.