What your library floor says about you

Where will you sit?

Everyone uses the library for different things; it can be a social place, somewhere to focus or somewhere you go just to confuse yourself with weird book codes.

Either way it is somewhere we will inevitably all use in our time at university, but how does your choice of where you sit define you?

If you’ve ever wanted to know what your library floor says about you, here you go:



2nd floor – we all know you’re not really working

Let’s not kid ourselves, the second floor is not where the essays are written. First of all, you have the distraction of the entrance, and the inevitable smoking crowd huddled outside. Whilst the water fountain is meant to hydrate you during your quest to find books, it is inevitably a hub for conversation. The lure of the bright lights of the vending machine are just too much. No stairs, no worry your set will be taken the sandwich you’d had your eye on is seconds away. Already, its looking likely that you’re not going to write those 500 words, and when the group project session sits down next to you, its over.

Admittedly its not very full in the holidays but...

Admittedly its not very full in the holidays but…

The second floor dwellers are undoubtedly just looking for a change of scenery or an excuse to chat with your mates whist “working”. Its where friendships are formed and where very little work is done. And also a lot of printing.


3rd floor – more dedicated but you’re not quite underground are you

This is where it gets more serious. Although not as committed as the lower floor-ers, you’re not pissing about on the group study floor. Until recently this was quiet study but now it is silent study once more, and the guy with the little iPad is on patrol.


Many choose to sit up here, and aren’t just forced to due to lack of seats. If you do, you are probably more likely to be here in the day to try and catch some sunlight because you actually enjoy the library as a workspace. Evidently, you’re saving the vampire look for essay deadlines and exams.


1st floor – ironically it’s underground

All the history books are down here, so chances are a lot of the people do history and have surrounded themselves with what they’ll need when they write the essay that night. This is really where the magic happens, no distractions like sunlight or air from the outside world, hours can go by whilst you’re down here without even knowing it.


Rolling book store = dedication

If 1st floor is where you choose to sit then you obviously know what you’re about, those 1,000 words wont write themselves.


Founders – its just pretty isn’t it?

Maybe you don’t even need to come here for books, maybe you just think its pretty. Chances are though, you don’t study science, or you’re desperately trying to find one of the more obscure book at the uni.

By choosing Founders even if it isn’t convenient, then you clearly appreciate architecture and a nice working environment. Armed with your starbucks you’re obviously going to have a productive day. Either that or you are a languages student.


No floor at all – i.e. your bedroom

Who needs the library eh? You probably wont get a seat by the time you turn up, and the group section will be so loud there’s no point. Plus, at home you have the comfort of your bed and all the food you have in the house, as well as your own water fountain called a tap.


Choosing to stay at home to study says one of two things about you. You’re either too lazy to bother and will use all the e-books or you’re so organised you don’t need to go to the library because you’ve already taken the books you need out. Either way, by not going to the library you know what your priorities are.