The Computer Centre is the best study spot on campus

Bedford, step up your game

The single-handedly most underrated thing on campus is The Computer Centre. It’s quiet, it’s relatively unknown, and there is an abundance of computers. For all those confused about where this secret study spot even is, it’s that tiny building in-between the Windsor and Moore buildings that you probably always assumed was an elaborate cupboard. It says ‘Computer Centre’ on the front, which is useful.

Yes, this obscure building that you’ve probably passed every day and never understood what the hell goes on in there, is actually hands down the best revision spot campus.

It’s open 24/7

Just like Bedford, this bitch is open 24 hours,  so whenever the inevitable occurs and you need to pull an all nighter on campus (if this hasn’t happened to you you’re either lying, or it’s about to happen) then this is the place to be. If you’re done with elbowing mainland Europeans to get to the Lavazza machine in Bedford (actually, to get anywhere in Bedford), then never fear, there’s a quiet sanctuary just around the corner.

Wow, look at all those empty computers

Wow, look at all those empty computers

You can always find a computer. Always.

I’ve never seen more than twenty people in there, which is beautiful considering that’s the average queue length anywhere on campus.

There’s a vending machine!

Do I really have to explain why this is such a good thing?

Domino’s is permitted

Unlike those poor suckers in Bedford, you can eat all the hot food you want in here. I’ve personally taken Runnymede chicken in there before – the food of those who have no respect for their bodies but couldn’t give a fuck. I have even witnessed Domino’s deliveries (and then cried because my broke ass can’t afford that).

So the next time you need a computer or a place to cry without judgement, you know where to go.